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What is Conectadas?

Technology at the service of social development

Conectadas is a campaign to raise awareness of the achievements of the “Quality digital inclusion: Reducing the digital divide for a fairer and more sustainable world” project, in which organisations and networks of the Social Sector of the Society of Jesus in Spain are involved. Our work highlights how important digitalisation is for social transformation.

Conectadas is a reflection of the collaboration, unity and inclusion that can be achieved through digitalisation. It reflects the connection that comes from the education, accompaniment, welcome and participation that we offer the people with whom we work. It also reflects our opinion of BEING PEOPLE who are connected to justice and social transformation.


We are the organisations that are part of this project and our technological work is done with a focus on human rights and equal opportunities.



As part of its commitment to building a global citizenship that promotes socio-environmental justice and gender equity, in particular for the most vulnerable contexts, the Alboan Foundation has implemented digital actions to enhance its interventions and projects.

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The ECCA Foundation works, using digitalisation, to provide access to today’s new digital environment for people in vulnerable situations by offering online learning modules and group tutorials.

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As part of its work to defend the right to education of people everywhere, especially those living in vulnerable situations, Entreculturas works – using digitalisation – to improve access to education and to improve the development and reach of its projects.

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The Jesuit Migrant Service Spain (SJM), via the digitalisation project, and in its pursuit to expand its reach and visibility, SJM is launching a strategy to reduce the digital divide for migrants.

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